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The 15th International Cloud Expo and 2nd ThingsExpo finished up last week at the Santa Clara Convention Center. There were many exhibitors, many attendees, and many great sessions. Discussions were lively throughout, continuing after hours after each of the three days of the show. Here's what I learned: Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud are a reality. This may seem obvious to anyone in the industry, and it was confirmed throughout each day last week. Cloud is not going to be a ubiquitous utility anytime soon, as might have been thought a few years ago. The market for private cloud - derided as cloudwashing a few years ago - will continue to grow rapidly, as it turns out that many enterprises have funny ideas about controlling their data and securing it on-site. Public cloud is just getting started. This statement may seem to contradict my first statement, but it reflec... (more)

SCO Financial Results Coming Next Week

The SCO Group, Inc. announced today that it will release its financial results, for the fiscal first quarter ended on January 31, 2005, after the close of the market on Wednesday, April 13, 2005. In conjunction with the release, the company will also host a conference call that same day at 5:00 p.m. (EDT) to discuss the company's results. Individuals may listen to a webcast of this call. The company has been in the IT news recently with its lawsuit against IBM, which has been widely reported on in Linux Business Week. The lawsuit threatens to unhinge the progress of the Linux oper... (more)

Google Takes a Light Touch to Moto

Google CEO Larry Page seems to, for now, have made a surgical strike rather than haven taken the axe to Motorolo Mobility. Although 20% of its workforce slated for removal, the company says two-thirds of the erstwhile 4,000 jobs are in Asia. Furthermore, the company says the US cuts are mostly at the VP level. So Larry Page hasn't yet made the big, scary cuts we might have expected. Sitting as I currently do in Illinois, I can also say this is big news at the local level. Furthermore, Google says part of its core product development will remain in the Chicago area. The company a... (more)

Contrary Opinion: "The Internet Changes Nothing"

Related Links: i-Technology Viewpoint: SUNset? Comdex Bites the Vegas Dust Four years into waiting for Godot, I mean, waiting for the tech recovery, an unorthodox thought creeps into the corners of my enquiring mind. What if the Internet, rather than changing "everything" (as cited and recited in a well-known Silicon Valley quote), in fact changes nothing? There's still plenty of suffering in the world. Plenty of existential angst for those lucky enough not to suffer physically. Traffic still seems pretty bad to me, everywhere. The phone at home still rings too much. In fact, today ... (more)

Sun and Microsoft Continue Smoochfest

Bill Gates paid a visit to Scott McNealy more than 10 years ago. McNealy reported to a few people that the meeting was amicable enough, and that Bill had a Coke while he was visiting in Scott's office. But Sun's CEO only harshened his language against Redmond and its CEO in the years following this attempted, failed rapprochement. Microsoft hardly shrank from this battle, involving itself in a serious dispute with Sun over Java and how it should be developed and used. And so it went. The U.S. became sort-of friends with Russia, India and Pakistan started talking, and many dogs an... (more)