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The value of blogging continues to surface as a naval-gazing exercise within the technology community. Does blogging matter? Does anyone care whether or not it matters? Should it matter? These and other meta-questions continue to be posed by those who a.) aren't getting enough hits on their blogs, b.) have too much time on their hands, or c.) are onto one of the seminal transformations in history of humans' communications with one another. My view has always been that blogging serves two major purposes: it acts as an arbitraging agent within the calcified traditional media world, and it keeps a lot of people off the streets and at their keyboards where they belong. The first, and obviously more serious, point relates to the self-correcting mechanism that blogging has become, whether in debunking the George W. Bush "sugarcoating memo" story, finding flaws in the late... (more)

JavaOne 2006: "Not a Question of Whether, But of How"

It seemed like old days at Sun, with Ed Zander (pictured) and John Gage on-stage. James Gosling was in the audience. The keynote room was full, and a raucous warm-up band was getting people in the mood to be belligerent about Java. It was the keynote session for JavaOne 2006 in San Francisco. But the absence of Scott McNealy during these proceedings for the first time in the 11-year history of the show changed the overall tenor of the proceedings from one belligerence to one of, well...ambivalence. In particular, Sun retained a certain ambivalence toward the burning open source J... (more)

How Did Ellison-McNealy Affect Oracle-Sun?

One question about the Oracle-Sun deal, not scandalous except perhaps in the eyes of IBM executives, concerns the personal relationship between Larry Ellison and Scott McNealy. The deal, to me, shows how little power shareholders (ie, owners) of public companies really have in the face of personal relationships. I believe IBM was ready to pay a max of 9.40 per share for Sun, an offer that was vehemently castigated by Sun Chairman Scott McNealy, according to many reports. Yet Oracle came swooping in to pay $9.50, after only four days of discussion. Of course, Sun shareholders are ... (more)

Philippines: BPAP Chief Oscar Sanez Leads Global Sourcing Marathon

Oscar Sanez runs marathons, which seems appropriate given that he plays a key role in the Philippines long haul to establish itself as a world leader in the global sourcing industry. Currently the President and CEO of BPAP--the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (www.bpap.org)--Oscar brought his youthful energy and appearance to a recent interview with a tired old American journalist who was nearing the end of a two-month tour of Southeast Asia. We met for coffee in Makati City's Greenbelt area, a showcase neighborhood for a country that often struggles with an i... (more)

Cloud Computing: MySQL Leader Mickos Named Eucalyptus CEO

Eucalyptus Session at Cloud Expo Mårten Mickos has been named CEO of Eucalyptus Systems, the open-source Cloud Computing start-up, in a story that broke late afternoon on the East Coast about the Santa Barbara, CA area company. Register Today and Save $550 ! Explore Sponsorship Opportunities ! Mickos, who was interviewed last year by SYS-CON's Jeremy Geelan about the fate of MySQL (all of which databases are now belong to Oracle), the software with which is associated in the industry, has now joined an open-source company that is focused on private and hybrid Cloud Computing, whi... (more)